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I couldn’t insert this in the ORIGINAL POST by martinfreebitchbaby 

but here it is, lol….I totally agree that Sherlock would make John do this.

For me this wouldn’t be “baby Watson” for me, this is baby Watson-Holmes :D

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wow nature is so majestic


wow nature is so majestic


Glad I’m not the only one who fell in love with psi !!!! He was amazing !!!! It would be awesome to see him more on Doctor Who

Malcolm Tucker & Twelfth Doctor Parallels 


okay, but that cute team-not-dead scene, eating in the tardis, laughing and everything made me think of nine’s team and that adorable scene in that restaurant

Yes! I really hoped they would stay so we’d have a Tardis team again.


Too funny, couldn’t cope.  Pissed myself laughing.

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There may be a day when I don’t reblog Martin and Benny laughing together and acting like adorable little in sync BFFs, but it is not this day. 

Drift compatible

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Benedict Cumberbatch does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Video // Donate

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1.03 Expiation // 5.02 Wild Justice

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"I want to ask about Sherlock, season three. Where would you like to see your character go?" x


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Can you imagine how his babies will look like???
I know I can.
He and his family are gourgous !!!

thank you so much cumberbatchkids

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Former US President Jimmy Carter has decried Israel’s recent offensive against Gaza, saying Netanyahu’s state has created a “humanitarian catastrophe” and that “war crimes” against civilians on both sides should be investigated.

In a joint comment piece penned with Ireland’s former President Mary Robinson, Carter, 89, argues that there is no “humane or legal justification” for Israel’s actions in the beleaguered Strip, stating that the IDF has “pulverized large parts of Gaza including thousands of homes, schools and hospitals”.