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Too funny, couldn’t cope.  Pissed myself laughing.

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There may be a day when I don’t reblog Martin and Benny laughing together and acting like adorable little in sync BFFs, but it is not this day. 

Drift compatible

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Benedict Cumberbatch does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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1.03 Expiation // 5.02 Wild Justice

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"I want to ask about Sherlock, season three. Where would you like to see your character go?" x


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Can you imagine how his babies will look like???
I know I can.
He and his family are gourgous !!!

thank you so much cumberbatchkids

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Former US President Jimmy Carter has decried Israel’s recent offensive against Gaza, saying Netanyahu’s state has created a “humanitarian catastrophe” and that “war crimes” against civilians on both sides should be investigated.

In a joint comment piece penned with Ireland’s former President Mary Robinson, Carter, 89, argues that there is no “humane or legal justification” for Israel’s actions in the beleaguered Strip, stating that the IDF has “pulverized large parts of Gaza including thousands of homes, schools and hospitals”.


this is the best solution for everyone ….


Tariq Khdeir and Lucus Koerner pose for a picture together at the "National March on the White House: End the Massacre in Gaza" protest in DC 8/2/2014. One Muslim and one Jew, both American, both brutally beat and arrested by Israeli police, both innocent.

—Photo by Lucas’ father Norman


” My heart aches, such a beautiful Martyr.. The sorrow in their eyes. No child needs any of this. “

This is what Israel does and what the US supports.


Lama Abu-Hijleh’s comments are spot on.

"To the Zionist trolls who continue bringing up their top four most absurd arguments to justify these latest atrocities:

1) “Hamas fired 1,394 rockets at Israel!”

How many rockets, missiles, tank shells, cluster bombs, white phosphorous bombs, bullets,…


1. Sabra: Co-owned by Israel`s second largest food company. Offers help and support to the Israeli army by providing food and political support.


2. Sara Lee products

Holds a 30% stake in Delta Galil Industries, which is Israel`s largest textile manufacturer. This company received a jubilee…



I made a similiar gory thing (he had a hole where his heart is supposed to be) before long ago but it seems too much like a dark-sherlock and I dislike the drawing now so I went and drew a new and better one <3 Much better now <3

This should be really sad, and it is, but it’s also really cute and touching because John has just crawled up there and is looking irredeemably cute and also a bit concerned.

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